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Be Sweet Liquid 684g

Be Sweet Liquid 684g

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Be Sweet Liquid 684g Body Ecology
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Be Sweet Liquid 684g Body Ecology
➤Safe, sweet, smooth, all natural sugar alternative with no aftertaste
➤Featuring a special combination of allulose + monk fruit + stevia
➤Easy to use as a zero-calorie one-to-one sugar swap
➤Diabetic-safe, gluten-free, plant-based
➤Body Ecology | Keto | Low-Carb | Paleo-friendly
➤Rich, sugar-like sweetness

Ingredients : Allulose, Stevia Extract, Monk Fruit Extract

You will love Body Ecology’s new BE Sweet  liquid and powder, all-natural sugar replacement... Not only is it made from a specialized blend of three of the safest sugar substitutes, but it is also incredibly delicious, bitter-free, and satisfyingly sweet without an aftertaste. Our sugar alternative is made from a perfect blend of monk fruit, stevia, and allulose, leaving your sweet tooth satisfied.

Stevia and monk fruit are familiar all-natural sugar substitutes. However, allulose might be new to you.  This is another safe and healthy sugar substitute that has only recently come to fame. Allulose has a similar texture, taste, and feel as table sugar and is found naturally in a variety of foods we eat daily, such as figs, corn, and raisins.  Expect to start hearing much more about allulose -- and, soon, seeing it everywhere so you can enjoy an uncompromised taste of sweetness!


Allulose is considered "rare sugar.” What this means is that it is found in small quantities of foods we already regularly enjoy.  Once your body metabolizes allulose, it has a glycemic index of zero net carbs.  Allulose is low in calories and can pass through your body without significant metabolism needed. 

Studies suggest allulose may suppress the glycemic response of other carbohydrates when consumed with a meal.  In fact, because of how allulose metabolizes, it is considered non-glycemic.

Here’s a closer look at what makes BE Sweet™ so special:

  • Ideal for low-carb diets: BE Sweet™ contains  0 grams of net carbs per teaspoon. You can use it just like sugar.
  • Safe for diabetics. Since allulose doesn’t need to be metabolized -- and has a tenth of the calories of sugar, it will not elevate blood sugar levels. 
  • Safe for everyone. As of 2012, the FDA has deemed allulose GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) and suitable to use as a substitute for sugar and fructose. 
  • Great for the gut. Studies show allulose to be a well-tolerated sugar alternative that doesn’t cause gastrointestinal troubles. 
  • Looks like the real thing: BE Sweet™ powder caramelizes and browns just like sugar, while BE Sweet™ liquid dissolves easily in hot/cold beverages (like coffee and tea).
  • Tastes even better: No need to trick your tastebuds. Reviewers agree that, compared to sugar, BE Sweet™ is downright delicious.

With BE Sweet™, you don’t need a reason to celebrate

Bottom line? Now, with BE Sweet, you can have your cake and eat it too!

BE Sweet is the natural sugar substitute we all have been waiting for.  And not only does it allow us to kick our sugar habits, it is also healthy! With zero chemical aftertaste and the simple taste of real sugar, BE Sweet is perfect for everyone! We created BE Sweet™ so you can stop your sugar intake and celebrate a new healthy, sweet alternative your body deserves. Even better, by switching to Be Sweet, you can even kick your sugar cravings and eliminate your sweet tooth.  Multiple studies show that low-calorie sweeteners don’t cause more cravings like sugar would. 


Even without sugar, life can still be sweet. Now, the only decision you need to make is whether you want the BE Sweet™ liquid or powder. We think it is best to stock up on both to simplify cooking and baking, sweetening all types of foods and beverages, and cover your bases.