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If you want to "pheelgood" all of the time, then you've come to the right place! We can show you how to move to a Living Nutrition lifestyle including how to alkalise, change to a more raw life food diet and use tonic herbs to help you achieve optimum health and longevity.

We are enrolling for the LIVING NUTRITION PRACTIONER COURSES  (see Practitioner Courses at our other site

Over-acidifcation of the blood and tissues is often caused as a result of a poor diet or emotional stress and hence why some of the best selling drugs are antacids (however the antacids are also laden with toxic ingredients and so offer no real solution). No matter what issues you have, your health can be dramatically improved by alkalising the body and implementing longevity strategies based on natural health principles and you can achieve your optimum weight in the process.

You can find all the health products you need in order to help you achieve longevity on our website.If you have any questions about our products or just need some advice, please feel free to call us.

We also offer a programme of seminars and educational DVD's. If you are an organiser or member of a group looking for a motivational speaker on the subject of natural health then please contact us

Seminars and Retreats

We hold regular seminars and retreats across the UK and the world..If you are an organiser of seminars then please get in touch

.Seminar Video Downloads

An inspiring two-hour seminar download video 'pHenomenal Health - Introducing Alkalising' is now available. This was recorded in Dublin in late 2009.

We now have an additional two DVD's for sale entiled Healthy Weight Loss and Longevity.


You are welcome to book a private consultation with a fully qualified Living Nutrition practitioner. We have a clinic in Nottingham but consultations over the phone are also available and at the student clinic in Birmingham and London

Price Match Promise

We are happy to price match on any genuine item for sale on any other web-site or store. Please note that our prices include postage and packing and there is no additional tax.

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Practitioner Course  check out our sister site

Our next retreat is June 2021 in Glastonbury.
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Living Nutrition Practitioner course available
at Regent's University, London and
Aston University, Birmingham.

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