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Tests e.g. Food Sensitivity and others

Food Sensitivity Self Test including postage.
You will receive a self test kit which will enable you to carry-out the test at home and get immediate resuts without having to send anything to a lab.
The test effectivley tests for 59 common foods (click details for a list).
You will be required to follow instructions included in the package which involves taking a pin-prick blood sample.

(-15.00%)  17.00
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Test Strips 5.5 to 8.0 pH

Test Strips 5.5 to 8.0 pH. These test strips are used for testing saliva and urine. Simply tear a strip from the roll and place saliva or urine on the test strip and then match the colour chart provided to determine the pH.

(-14.29%)  12.00
Test Strips ph 4.5 - pH 9.0 100 individual test strips
Test Strips ph 4.5 - pH 9.0 100 individual test strips.
For testing Saliva and urine.
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