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Pythium oligandrum skin/nail fungus treatment (3 x 2 g)

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Pythium Oligandrum
3 Sachets of 2g each
We can order this in for you.
Pythium oligandrum is a FDA/EU approved, harmless soil fungus that kills and eats other fungi! When there are no more harmful fungi left, it dies of starvation. This is not only the most reliable and one of the cheapest ways of curing nearly all types of fungal skin- and nail infections, it's also 100% natural. Resistance is impossible.

1 million strain M1 Oospores per gram, counted in Buerker's chamber.

Pythium oligandrum is a harmless fungus that eats harmful fungi, and then dies of starvation when all bad fungi have been eradicated. Pythium oligandrum is a parasite to other fungi such as Trichophyton, the dermatophyte fungus that causes various conditions knonw as Tinea - Athlete's foot, nail fungus, ringworm and jock itch.

Pythium works best against nail fungus and is by far he best nail fungus treatment available. However, if you manage to keep the affected area moist with Pythium solution, it can eradicate any other dermatophyte fungi and many other types of fungal skin infections.

A large percentage of the powder is Silica, hence the "Keep out of reach of children", as swallowing Silica powder is not healthy. The silica is there to keep the spores dry. The concentration is greater than one million spores per gram. The silica sinks to the bottom when you mix the spores with water and stir. The spores remain suspended in the water.

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