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Vibration Plates

Vibration Plates
(-11.11%)  239.99
Reviber Plus
The Reviber Plus was tested for fat loss and muscle toning by the Independent on Sunday newspaper who reported that it delivers 'impressive results' and is 'easy to use and is excellent value for money'. This is the next generation (oscillating) vibration plate.


(-16.67%)  49.99
Reviber StandWhen you purchase the Reviber Plus you can opt for a stand.

This  Stand option provides stability for those who might need it. Choose this option only if your balance is of particular concern as the vast majority of people do not need it.  In fact, the stand may encourage the user to hold on, which is not ideal for posture during the workout. This Stand model is ideal for rehabilitation and commercial premises.

The stand itself cannot be bought separately as it does not fit onto the regular model.

When you buy the stand option you still get the resistance bands, the only difference being that on this they clip on either side of the central column rather than at the sides.

The Reviber Stand requires ten minutes of simple assembly.   Instructions and photos will be in the box.

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