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1. London One-Year Part-Time Weekend Living Nutrition Practitioner Course (Sep to July 18/19)

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1. London One-Year Part-Time Weekend Living Nutrition Practitioner Course (Sep to July 18/19)

"PractitionerCourse available for everyone with an interest in Natural Health”

College of Living Nutrition

One year practical and professional Living Nutrition Practitioner Part-Time Weekend based (see dates below) in London, (Regent's College, Regent's Park) and Somerset (or study for part of the course online via live streaming).

This is a unique opportunity for you to become an living NutritionPractitioner. The course is designed to inspire students to become successfuland confident practitioners equipped with powerful tools. We specialise in:

Lifestyle change / Upgrading health / Living, raw, alkaline, wildnutrition / Bio-hacking / Brain power / Hormone health / Aetiology /Longevity / Chronic disease / Tonic herbs / Advanced natural therapies /Nutrigenomics / Microbiome / Body Ecology / Hydrogen & Oxygen therapies.

This course includes -
> 6 Teaching weekends in London
> 3 Residential weekend retreats in Somerset and Glastonbury.
> Practical tools to alkalise, use of tonic herbs and detoxification.
> Living food technologies.
> Blood, Arterial Stiffness and other tests, therapeutics.
> Business building skills.
> Clinical experience.

FEE £1755. If booked early, this is reduced to £1485 (or £165 permonth for 9 months). Includes all tuition. Excludes books andsoftware. Accommodation and food at the retreats is an extra £135per weekend, for the 3 weekends.
Designed to inspire students to become successful, confidentpractitioners, this course will have you working with powerful tools, includingalkalising, raw food, living food technology, lifestyle change and tonic herbs,to become an effective, qualified Living Nutrition Health Practitioner.

The course runs from SEPTEMBER to JULY including SIX WEEKENDS of lectures,practical demonstrations and clinics, at Regent's College, London. THREEWEEKENDS of living nutrition retreats in our retreat centres in Somerset andGlastonbury.

The course is led by John Jezewski, a qualified Homeopath and NaturalHealth Practitioner, since 1992. John has taught at manyhomeopathic colleges, holds seminars and runs Living NutritionRetreats both in the UK and Iceland.

Fee £1755 reduced to £1485 (includes all tuition fees, a comprehensive set of notes and videos but excludesaccommodation/food at the retreats)

The dates for 2018/19 are as follows:-


22nd and 23rd September (London)

12th to 14th October (retreat Somerset)

17th and 18th November (London)

12th and 13th January (London)

9th and 10th of February (London)

9th and 10th March (London)

17th to 19th May (retreat Somerset)

8th and 9th June (London)

12th to 14th July (retreat Glastonbury)


OutlineCourse Curriculum



You can join the course at any point and must complete all 9 modules.

Module01 Root and maintaining cause of illness; alkalising; case taking;materiamedica studies; clinical experience; blood and other testing techniques( testing, blood sugar, blood pressure, arterial stiffness) with clients;recipes;Suppression of symptoms; the laws of health based on 'Hering’s Law ofCure';Understanding the dangers of pharmaceuticals.

Module02 Decalcifying; intro to tonic herbs; materia medicastudies;therapeutics; clinical experience; water and tds; building a business

Module03 Retreat; lifefood; raw food; slow cooking; best forms of exerciseandusing exercise equipment; breathing techniques; materia medica; recipes; chefdemonstrations;Pineal gland and light machines; far-infrared sauna; workingwith clients –carrying-out tests – arterial stiffness, blood sugar, bloodpressure, weight,body fat per cent, metabolic age etc;

Module04 Hormones (men and women) and thyroid; methylation; supplementsexposed;materia medica studies; therapeutics; clinical experience; building abusiness. Brain, nervous system; sleep; fish; materia medica studies;therapeutics; clinicalexperience; building a business

Module05 Retreat; weight loss; skin; detoxification techniques;inflammation;sugar; working with clients – carrying-out tests; recipes and chefdemonstrations; materia medica and therapeutics; food intolerance testing- howto perform the test and interpret the results

Module06 Understanding emotions; fertility and pregnancy; sex tonics;vaccinations;teeth and dentistry; materia medica studies; therapeutics;clinical experience;building a business

Module07 Retreat; pineal gland entheogenic medicine; detoxificationtechniques;working with clients – carrying-out tests; recipes and chefdemonstrations;materia medica and therapeutics; food intolerance testing- howto perform thetest and interpret the results

Module08 cancer; heart and circulatory disease and diabetes; materia medicastudies;therapeutics; clinical experience; building a business

Module09 Lifefood advanced; test, empowerment; materia medicastudies;therapeutics; clinical experience; building a business

Students will focus on the Principles of living nutrition:

Living/life food nutrition and the latest cutting-edge nutritional practicalknow-how.

Establishing root and maintaining cause of illness.

Dealing with chronic disease which includes hormone health; brain and nervoussystem health; emotional health; working with heart disease, cancer, diabetesand other chronic diseases; fertility and pregnancy; healthy weight-loss;sleep; eyes and ears; skin; constipation and digestive disturbance; thyroid andadrenal issues; chronic fatique; arthritis; bone problems, self-dentistry;etc.

Natural therapeutic interventions

Use of tonic herbs

Suppression of symptoms.

The laws of health based on 'Hering’s Law of Cure'.

Understanding the dangers of pharmaceuticals.

Case taking and case management.

Health checks/monitoring/screening of patients.

Practical model of the human organism and the human spirit.

Supplementation. What to use and what to avoid.

Recipes. Elixirs. Juicing.

Detoxification techniques.



Fitness. Rebounding.Inversions. Gym equipment.

Pulse-taking diagnostic technique.


Equipping the ‘new’ kitchen.

Building a natural health business.

Practitioner empowerment and building confidence.

Principles of building a successful web-site.

Using health software..

Setting health goals.

Support for the students to incorporate the alkaline life-style into their ownlives.

The role and place for entheogenic nutrition.

Who can apply for the course?

This course is open to anyone who has a keen interest in natural health. It isalso open to existing practitioners from any discipline.

Outcome and Career Prospects

The goal of the course is to enable students to significantly improve theirunderstanding of health and in so doing have the tools to improve their ownhealth and the health of their patients. The training will encourage studentsto focus on setting-up their own business or enhance their existing healthbusiness. The opportunities include running a successful health practice,running a commercial website supplying natural health products, becomingan intrepid explorer searching for the finest foods and supplements fromaround the world, providing an online advice service, researching and supplyingthe 'new' kitchen with equipment such as juicers, blenders, ceramic knives,raw-food equipment, authoring recipe books and e-books, offering demonstrationsand talks to groups, running seminars and retreats.

Other Information

The students will be expected to recruit patients and take cases. Case-takingwill be demonstrated as part of the course and where possible case-taking in aclinical situation under supervision will be available. Students will besupported in accomplishing their own transformation to a healthy lifestyle.

The students will be expected to submit two cases and will take short tests aspart of their graduation process.

The fees include all tuition, however, there will be fees payable foraccommodation and food (£135 for each of the three retreat weekends). Books andmaterials will also be required.

Reading List
A full reading list will be provided.

Policy on payments - all payments are non-refundable. If you are paying monthlyand you do not attend a scheduled weekend course then full payment is stillrequired (you will be given acces to al the materials for that weekend).

On successful completion of the course you will obtain a Diploma in LivingNutrition Practice.