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Telomere Boost 30 capsules
450mg per capsule

Main ingredients:
Astragaloside IV  15 mg/cap (30 mg/dose)
Total Astragalosides  30 mg/cap (60 mg/dose)
Gypenosides  25 mg/cap (25 mg/dose)
Resveratrol   l90 mg/cap (180 mg/dose)
Organic Ginseng  50 mg/cap (100 mg/dose)

FITT™ full-spectrum whole herb extraction of the following elite adaptogenic herbs:
Astragalus FITT  80 mg/cap (160 mg/dose)
Gynostemma FITT  80 mg/cap (160 mg/dose)
Rhodiola FITT    50 mg/cap (100 mg/dose)
He Shou Wu FITT  30 mg/cap (60 mg/dose)

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