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The World's Most Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Natural Health. Hyperhealth is the definite database for natural medicine. Based on published scientific research Hyperhealth is the most credible and trusted content used by Health Conscious Consumers, Natural Food Retailers, Researchers, Physicians and Health Care Professionals Worldwide.

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If you have ever wished for an in-depth reference encyclopedia about foods, herbs, supplements, and natural therapies, Hyperhealth is the one! It is the world's first and most comprehensive encyclopedia of natural health on CD-ROM or print!

Science and Nature Are Merging

Researchers around the globe are discovering the beneficial effects of natural remedies and the role of nutritional supplementation in health care. Within Hyperhealth's 28,000 pages you will discover and understand the ways nutrition, supplements, herbs and foods can treat and prevent thousands of different ailments and maintain or achieve optimal health.

How Will You Keep Up With These Breakthroughs?

The evidence of natural therapies are increasing and being validated by scientists every day. Most health conditions being treated by medicine today are entirely preventable. Chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and others have been clearly linked to diet and lifestyle. Now it has never been easier to learn about this scientific evidence for maintaining health. The same software used by professionals worldwide is available to natural health consumers. At last a comprehensive encyclopedia that translates the latest scientifically based natural health discoveries into language that you can understand and use. Hyperhealth is the fastest, easiest way to apply these breakthrough developments in nutrition and natural health. Hyperhealth highlights more than 100,000 truly amazing but little publicized connections between diet, nutrition and human health and...
much, much, more.

About HyperHealth

Modern science is rapidly confirming the ability of natural remedies to improve human health. Not a day goes by without new discoveries revealing the ways that nutrition, supplements, herbs and food can treat and prevent thousands of different ailments and maintain optimal health. Hyperhealth provides state-of-the-art information on 5060 topics covering nutrients, herbs, foods, human ailments and more in an easy-to-use, hypertext format with full-text search.

Hyperhealth is to natural medicine what the Physician's Desk Reference is to conventional medicine. Emerging as the standard reference tool, it's fast, easy, and comprehensive. It combines an encyclopedia of natural medicine with the ability to add your own notes to each topic. With Hyperhealth, you'll spend more time using information, and less time searching for it.

Hyperhealth includes thousands of topics covering health strategies, herbs, foods and products for enhancing the mind, extending life-span & improving health using natural remedies. Take a look at the following outline of topics.


Foods, Herbs, and Nutritional Supplements to treat, prevent or alleviate each that afflicts the human body. Warnings about the Toxins that may cause each ailment. Foods, Herbs or Nutrients that sometimes cause or exacerbate each ailment.

165 Organs:

Foods, Herbs and Nutrients to improve the function of each organ of the body. Toxins that can harm each organ of the body.

600 Hormones / Body Chemicals, etc.:

Explanation of the function of the Hormones, Neurotransmitters, Enzymes, Cells and Proteins that operate within the body.

465 Foods:

Listing of the primary nutrients (including hundreds of newly recognized nutraceuticals) that are found in each food. Therapeutic uses of each food in the treatment of human ailments. Cautions regarding the Toxins in each food that detract from its therapeutic benefits.

320 Herbs:

Listing of the Nutrients and constituents of each herb. Therapeutic uses for each herb in the treatment of human ailments. Cautions regarding the Toxins contained in and possible adverse effects of each herb. Information about the commercial availability of each herb.

1025 Nutrients:

Description and classification of each nutrient. Includes Amino Acids, Bioflavonoids, Carbohydrates, Enzymes, Fatty Acids, Organic Acids, Vitamins, Minerals and Nutraceuticals. Therapeutic uses of each nutrient. Dietary Sources of each nutrient. Positive and negative interactions with other nutrients. Commercial availability and dosages.

360 Toxins:

Toxins found in the environment, common pharmaceutical drugs, and commercial food production techniques. Negative effects on human health. Nutrients, herbs and foods to counteract each toxin.


1,200 Other topics including Life Extension strategies, cosmeceuticals, diets, complementary therapies and pharmaceutical drugs. Descriptions of Pharmaceutical Drugs, Life Extension Strategies, Cosmaceuticals, Diets, and Alternative Therapies.

44,500 Clinical References:

References to thousands of research studies that support Hyperhealth's recommendations. Equivalent to 28,000 page book.

Minimum System Requirements :

BM-compatible PC, 386SX or higher,
Windows 98 or higher,
CD-ROM Drive
VGA driver in 256 color mode