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1. Earthing Mat, cable, UK Mains AdaptorLarge earthing mat (27" (68cm) x 10" (25 cm)). It includes a15ft straight cable and UK adapter.
This mat is used as a vitality enhancement and a counter to daily stress.
You can use it during the day, during the evening or whilst sleeping at night time.
Simply plug it into the electrical socket (no need for the socket to be switched on) and ensure you have skin contact with the mat.
The mats are black and made from odour free conductive rubber (foam core with conductive carbon coating).
It is recommended that you buy a conductive cover for the mat.

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1. Initial ConsultationPrivate consultation with John Jezewski. This can take place in person at the Nottingham based clinic by arrangement or over the phone. The consultation requires the completion of a confidential questionnaire. John is available for treating any condition whether physical, mental emotional or spiritual.
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1. Quality Rebounder inc delivery in the UKQuality Rebounder. Including stability handle bar. (includes delivery in the UK but not Northern Ireland)

Package includes - Rebounding compilation DVD for beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels, resistance bands, sand weights and carry/storage bag
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1a. One Year Part-Time London Living Nutrition Practitioner Course Deposit
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1b. London One-Year Part-Time Weekend Living Nutrition Practitioner Course (Nov 2018 to Oct 2019)"Practitioner Course avilable for everyone with an interest in Natural Health”

College of Living Nutrition

One year practical and professional Living Nutritional Practitioner Part-Time Weekend based course starting  (in London, Regent's University, Regents Park) and Somerset

This is a unique opportunity for you to become an Living Nutritional Practitioner. The course is designed to inspire students to become successful and confident practitioners equipped with powerful tools including living and life-food nutrition, alkalising and tonic herbs

See details section for dates and more information.