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Joint Force 30 capsules

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JOINT FORCE CONTAINS: Boswellia serrata Glucosamine sulfate Chondroitin sulfate MSM Vitamin C Manganese
30 Capsules
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Joint Force

Contents: per capsule

Boswellia serrata, Glucosamine sulfate 250mg,Chondroitin sulfate 50mg, MSM 250mg, Vitamin C 25mg and Manganese 2.5mg.


30 Capsules

 Storage:- keep packet tightly closed. Store in a cool dry place.

Case reports:

G.M. from CA: "Beau, our 10-year-old golden retriever, hadbeen diagnosed with spinal arthritis in 2004, at which time we begansupplementing his diet with MSM. His mobility was mostly unimpaired until lastSeptember, when he exhibited a severe limp in his right front leg, renderinghim unwilling to walk... The vetís recommendation was to administer 8injections over several months at $55 each, a pill for pain every day for therest of his life at $2.50 per day and liver toxicity tests every few months. Hedid not quote the price on the liver test, but similar visits have cost around$100... One of your staff gave me your arthritis protocol, including JointForce, Myosteo, and Germanium. I gave Beau the herbs that day, and within 24hours, the limping was gone and has not returned once in the past four months!Ē

J. Fowler from FL has a client with severe knee pain andknee popping. He was about to schedule a knee surgery. Instead he took JointForce and used the Mineral Infrared Therapy (MIT) machine. His knee pain wascompletely relieved. Now, a year later, he still does not need surgery.

Dosage :

Take up to 1 capsule, 3 times a day