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Living Libations Chocolate Best Skin Ever 110m

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Living Libations Chocolate Best Skin Ever 110mLiving Libations Chocolate Best Skin Ever 110m

Our Chocolate Best Skin Ever is a sensual, silky body oil, rich in lipids that sink into the body like warm chocolate. Use for massage, or after bathing to melt away stress and dry skin. This beautiful body oil is perfect for the skin after swimming and sunning.
All Pure Organic and/or Wild crafted Ingredients:
Super-critical seabuckthorn oil, fresh vanilla and cacao beans infused in virgin coconut oil, golden jojoba oil infused with rose, lemon and ylang essential oils.

This sensual, silky body oil is rich in lipids that sink and melt into the body like warm chocolate. Use for massage or after bathing. It is also especially lovely for the body after sunning.

All Pure Organic and/or Wild crafted Ingredients:

Seabuckthorn Berry Oil - This special super-critical extract balances and harmonizes the lipid layers of the skin. It is beneficial for all skin types. Sea buckthorn gets to the root cause of imbalances in the skin by going deep within the lipid layers and healing from the inside out. Seabuckthorn, Hippophae rhamnoides, is extraordinarily rich and vital oil that is perfectly balanced in omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 oils. Our sea buckthorn berry oil is a special extract that is able to capture over 190 bioactive substances in one drop! The oil is also potent in antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, carotenoids like beta carotene, and phytosterols that reduce redness and help heal mucous membranes. We have been using sea buckthorn in many of our formulas since 1994 and have found that it regenerates cells, protects against cell water loss and is rich in vitamins C, E, and pro-vitamins A and B. Seabuckthorn oil is also rich in lipids, beneficial fatty acids and rare palmitoleic acids. All of these extraordinary plant properties contribute to regenerate and revitalize connective tissue. Also rich in rare palmitoleic oils, our special super critical extract is able to capture over 190 bioactive healing constituents from the edible sea buckthorn berry. This oil is potent in hydrophilic and lipophilic antioxidants such as carotenoids, ascorbic acid and tocopherols. These carotenoids have been extensively studied for their photo-protective qualities as sunscreens and protectors against intrinsic damage. Super-critical sea buckthorn oil also contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds and phytosterols that reduce redness and help heal mucous membranes.

Golden Jojoba Oil -This oil is naturally rich in lipids and peptides creating a soft, silky, feel that has long lasting conditioning effects on the skin. Jojoba balances the sebum production in all skin types. It contains all forms of the natural antioxidant Vitamin E. In fact, the highest amount of tocopherols and phenolic compounds can be found in this golden oil.

Virgin Coconut Oil – This nourishing oil is non-comedogenic and is easily absorbed in the skin. It helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, promotes elasticity, and is smoothing and moisturizing. This delightful oil protects from the aging effects of free radicals.

Cacao Beans Infused in Virgin Coconut Oil – cacao contains powerful flavonoids, procyanidins, phytonutrients and antioxidants which protect the skin from free radical damage and promote healthy skin cells. Cacao beans are deeply moisturizing, smoothing and therapeutic to the layers of the skin. Their sensuous scent and complex matrix of plant nutrients deeply penetrate the dermal layers.

Fresh infused Vanilla Beans in Virgin Coconut Oil – We soak vanilla beans in virgin coconut oil for a few months so that vanilla’s delectable, sensual aroma and soothing benefits saturate the coconut oil. Our vanilla bean infusion is great for silky smooth skin. Vanilla evokes beauty and delight and is excellent for body, head, hand and cuticle massages.

Rose Otto, Rosa damascena essential oil, is the most medicinal and tonifying of all the roses. Rose, is used for healing, skin care, and edibles. It is an elegant and precious essence. It takes sixty roses to make one drop of Rose Otto essential oil! One of the most medicinally valued extracts, Rose Otto adds resiliency and elasticity to the skin. It is a vulnerary, meaning that it speeds up the healing of tissues with its potent antiseptic properties. A wonderful overall tonic, Rose Otto is soothing to all skin types and promotes rejuvenation of connective tissues. It is also a tonic astringent that is cooling, regulating, cleaning. Rose Otto is soothing to the heart and smoothing to wrinkles. It's a botanical nurturer that invites balance and healing in all types of skin conditions. Its' sweet, soothing, floral fragrance is so uplifting and may help with depression, stress and anxiety. Rose Otto essential oil has been celebrated since ancient times for use in spiritual love, sacred unions as a source of joy, beauty and happiness.

Ylang Ylang, Cananga odorata essential oil, translates to ‘flower of flowers’. Its cheerful floral fragrance kisses the cheek to come and play. Ylang is a lovely floral aphrodisiac that balances sebum production of all skin types. Harmonizes all skin types and it is known for being beneficial to balancing the moisture in the skin.

The Best Skin Evers are all-in-one blends created with super-critically extracted organic sea buckthorn berries and infusions of fragrant and nourishing plant botanicals. The regenerative Best Skin Evers will lavish, renew and bedew the body.

The sea buckthorn oil nourishes and balances all skin types. Nadine designed the Best Skin Evers to be your finest bathing attendant - all in one bottle. These oils, plus water and cloth, are the simple essentials to cleanse, exfoliate, moisten and bedew.

Directions for Using Best Skin Ever Chocolate on the Body after a Bath or Shower:

1. Just after a bath or shower, leave the body wet.
2. Wet a washcloth with water. Squeeze it out.
3. Apply a few squirts onto the wet washcloth of any of the Best Skin Evers - Sea buckthorn, Chocolate, Rose, Vanilla, or Lavish Abundance.
4. Massage the entire body - head to toe - with the cloth. Use a more vigorous approach for more exfoliation or for problem areas.
5. The result is the softest skin ever! Real to the feel skin care grooms your immune system and calls every body filament alive.

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