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3rd Year Ace course in Living Nutrition (Bromsgrove) 2020

3rd Year Ace course in Living Nutrition (Bromsgrove) 2020

3rd Year Ace course in Living Nutrition (Bromsgrove) 2019
5 days spread throughout 2019 at £75 per day - save £75 by paying for the full 5 days - £300

£ 375.00
£ 300.00
3rd Year Ace course in Living Nutrition (Bromsgrove)
5 days spread throughout 2020 at £75 per day - save £75 by paying for the full 5 days - £300

Practitioner Course 3rd Year2020

3rd Year Dates 2020 (all Saturdays):-

3rd years

11th Jan

29th Feb

4th July

1st Aug

12th December


Advanced (3rd year) Certificate in Living Nutrition

The advanced 3rd year course comprises of 5 days tuition spread throughout the year (on Saturdays) and at least one retreat weekend in Somerset or Glastonbury or both. The retreats are designed for you to experience the new detox and other protocols

When qualified you will be issued with a certificate – Advanced Third-Year Certificate in Living Nutrition.

Core Syllabus

Free supervision on any cases

Free attendance at any of the practitioner clinic days

Advanced topics included

Protocols for the top 10 major killer diseases.

Blood Group diet continued

Metabolic Typing continued

Advanced case-taking techniques – working the time line and uncovering pasttrauma (physical, mental, emotional and past life)

Brain - advanced protocols – entheogenic approach – micro-dosing

More on Total Dental revision

DNA Nutrigenomics advanced

Personalised medicine and repertorisation.

Singh method continued – Unsuppressing and powerful homeopathicanti-miasmatic therapeutics– combining Ayurvedic principles with homeopathy(John has been using this method for over 20 years; he was an apprentice toPritam Singh in the early 90s for many years and has carried on the teachingwhen Pritam died in 1995)

Building a business continued.

Medicines (natural of course) in detail – learn more about the tonic herbsand important supplements

Raising consciousness

Empowerment, purpose and goals

Therapeutics – in depth therapeutics and dealing with the common ailments;get to know how they come about

Testing – performing tests and how to read your blood tests

Living nutrition advanced

More on gut health

Advanced Detox e.g. B3

New developments in health


Research and Development Project

You will carry-out a research and development project that interests you(under supervision) e.g. develop and bring to market a new important natural health product; research analysing sleep patterns linked to diet; health links with cycle of moon; analysing root and maintaining causes –quantifying analysis; purifying and improving water