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2nd Year Practitioner Post diploma Certificate in Living Nutrition 2020 (Bromsgrove)

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2nd Year Practitioner Post diploma Certificate in Living Nutrition 2020 (Bromsgrove)

Post-diploma (2nd Year) Certificate in Living Nutrition at the Wishing Well in Bromsgrove

The post-diploma course comprises of 5 days advanced tuition spread throughout the year and a retreat weekend. The retreats are designed for you to experience the new detox and other protocols e.g.gall-bladder and liver cleanse or parasite cleanse.
You will also be authorised to start prescribing homeopathic remedies in accordance with the Singh method.

When qualified you will be issued with a certificate – Post-diploma Certificate in Living Nutrition.


The fees for the 5 Sundays in Bromsgrove is £75 per day if you pay as you go or £300 if you pay it all in advance (saving £75).

2nd Year Sundays

12th Jan

1st March

5th July

2nd Aug

13th December

Please either call John to book a place on 07909 992260 or book online:


If you join the Course you will Continue to get free supervision with your cases, you will get 10% or more discount on purchases from the College shop and you can continue to pay a lower fee for Insurance
as well as being able to prescribe homeopathic remedies

Core Syllabus

5 days –

Gallbladder and liver cleanse; parasite cleanse, working with clients;

Free attendance at any of the practitioner clinic days

Advanced topics include

Detox – detailed breakdown of the liver function with regard to detoxing. Why getting to 2000mg of B3 is important and how to achieve that; Zeolites and Brown seaweed

Heart Disease - an explanation of the limitations of conventional treatment and the necessary steps required in natural treatments

Diabetes and Autoimmume Diseases

Cancer - advanced protocols for treating clients with cancer

DNA Nutrigenomics

Cleansing – liver and gall bladder

Hydrogen Therapy - application

Lifefood, advanced workshop

Singh method – combining Ayurvedic principles with homeopathy (John has been using this method for over 20 years; he was an apprentice to Pritam Singh in the early 90s for many years and has carried on the teaching when Pritam died in 1995)

Building a business

Empowerment (personal)

Materia medica in detail – learn more about the tonic herbs and important supplements

Entheogenic medicine

Raising consciousness

Advanced sleep protocols

Case supervision is included

Case Management - what is really going on and how to make a difference by dealing with root cause and maintaining cause issues – dealing with challenging cases

Therapeutics – in depth therapeutics and dealing with the common ailments; get to know how they come about

Advanced Dentistry

New technologies



Research and Development Project

You will carry-out a research and development project that interests you (under supervision) e.g. DNA analysis, develop and bring to market a new important natural health product; research analysing sleep patterns linked to diet; health links with cycle of moon; analysing root and maintaining causes –quantifying analysis; purifying and improving water



Sundays 10am to 5pm in Bromsgrove at the Wishing Well Centre 2020

2nd Year Sundays

12th Jan

1st March

5th July

2nd Aug

13th December

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Living Nutrition Practitioner course available
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