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3. Earthing Mat, cable, Earthing Rod with 43ft Cable

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3. Earthing Mat, cable, Earthing Rod with 43ft CableLarge earthing mat (27" (68cm) x 10" (25 cm)). It includes a15ft straight cable and an earthing rod with a 43ft cable..
This mat is used as a vitality enhancement and a counter to daily stress.
You can use it during the day, during the evening or whilst sleeping at night time.
Simply place the earthing rod outside into the earth (not sand or a plant pot) and feed the connecting cable through a window (the cable is designed to be very thin so  that it will feed through a windows and so that you can shut the window). Connect the earthing mat to the cable from the rod and ensure you have skin contact with the mat.
The mats are black and made from odour free conductive rubber (foam core with conductive carbon coating).
It is recommended that you buy a conductive cover for the mat.
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