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Braggs Liquid Aminos (473ml / 16 Fl. Oz)

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Braggs Liquid Aminos (473ml / 16 Fl. Oz)Braggs Liquid Aminos (473ml / 16 Fl. Oz) with a flip top.

 Bragg Liquid Aminos is a great healthy ingredient to add to your meals. It can be used instead of soy sauce, it can be sprayed over fresh vegetables or used as a baste for meat and fish. Amino Acids are critical for our body to function properly, Bragg Liquid Aminos is a simple way to ensure that you are not deficient.

Essential and Non-essential Amino Acids in naturally occurring amounts. Bragg Liquid Aminos is a Certified NON-GMO liquid protein concentrate, derived from healthy soybeans, that contains the following 16 Essential and Non-essential Amino Acids in naturally occurring amounts:

- Alanine
- Aspartic Acid
- L-Glutamic Acid
- Glycine
- Histidine
- Isoleucine
- Leucine
- L-Methionine
- Phenylalanine
- Proline
- Serine
- Threonine
- L-Tyrosine
- L-Valine
- Lysine

Health Benefits:
- A source of delicious, nutritious, life-renewing protein.
- Taste you'll love - Nutrition you need.
- Great on salads, veggies, dressings, soups, rice, beans, Wok foods, tofu, gravies, jerky, poultry, fish, popcorn, meats, casseroles, potatoes and most foods.
- Contains important healthy amino acids

Read product label before use.
Bragg Liquid Aminos does not need to be refrigerated, either before or after opening/using, as it has a 3-5 year shelf life. However, we recommend that you keep the product out of direct sunlight, in a relatively cool location
Braggs has a small amount of naturally occurring sodium. No table salt is added. If less sodium is desired use 6oz in a spray bottle then dilute with a thrid of purifed water or to taste and then either add in or spray Braggs on food.

Serving Amount
Per half a teaspoon (2.5ml)
Total calories: 0
Total Fat: 0g
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodiium: 160mg
Total Carbohydrates: 100mg
Protein: 310mg

Vegetable protein from soybeans and purified water.
Allergens: No preservatives or alchohol. Not fermented. Gluten free. Certified NON-GMO. Kosher Certified.
Please note that ingredients listing is a guide only. Ingredients in individual products may vary slightly

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