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Video Download: Your Ideal Weight

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Video Download: Your Ideal WeightpHenomenal Health Seminar Video Download
Your Ideal Weight
with John Jezewski Recorded in Dublin in Spring 2010
This incredible information will help you improve your health and achieve your Ideal Weight!
This inspiring Video recording of John includes the following topics:
1. Obesity the epidemic
2. Case examples
3. The most important way to measure fat and which fat kills
4. Weigh issues and insulin resistance, ageing and stress
5. Optimum eating plan
6. Why you should stop dieting
7. Caffeine and alcohol
8. Weight issues and over acidity
9. The protein myth
10. Optimum fat burning exercise
11. Weight loss alkalizing supplements
12. Juice recipes
13. Rhythm and cycles
14. Blood sugar
15. Cholesterol and Tryglycerides
Running time: 2 hours 8 mins
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