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Video Download: Introducing Alkalising by John Jezewski

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Video Download: Introducing Alkalising by John JezewskipHenomenal Health Seminar Video Download
Introducing Alkalising
with John Jezewski
Recorded in Dublin in Autumn 2009
This incredible information will change your life!
This inspiring Video recording of John includes the following topics:
1. A vision for the future of health
2. Achieving your ideal weight
3. Acid related symptoms
4. Can you be too alkaline?
5. Case examples
6. Direction of well-being
7. Dyscrasias e.g. mercury and vaccination toxicity
8. Foods that are alkalising
9. GOSH program for alkalising swiftly
10. History of alkalising
11. How to test your urine and saliva pH
12. Personal Energy Bank
13. pH of blood
14. Pleomorphism
15. Water filters/ionisers
Running time: 2 hours 10 mins
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