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Alkaline pH Drops 2 oz (concentrated)

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Alkaline pH Drops in a 2oz glass bottle with a pipette are a unique combination of the most alkaline minerals and compounds. This product is one of a kind due to its strength and effectiveness. Using Alkaline pH Drops is one of the best ways to make your water alkaline while helping you getting rid of acid and regain vital health.

Ingredients : Deionized water, potassium carbonate, sodiumbicarbonate, potassium hydroxide

Serving suggestion : 6 drops for each litre of water

Store in a cool dry place. Do not exceed the stated dose.


Alkaline pH Dropsare concentrated drops and is a 4th generation pHboosting product from pHeelgoodIt isan excellent way to increase the pH of your water and is the most effective ofthe pHdrops we've tried.

These drops offerstrong alkalinity and only a few are needed for an incredible boost to the pHof your water.

Because Alkaline pHDrops is so potent, we have found it to be the best value-for-moneypHdrops on the market.Whereas with other products youneed 10-20 drops to increase the pH up to pH 9, with Alkaline pH Drops you onlyneed 5 drops - meaning that it lasts at least twice as long, oris twice the valuefor money!

pH Balance beginswith super hydration & pH Drops are the easiest and most effective way ofachieving your pH Balance.

You know howimportant it is to stay hydrated - and how much better you think and feel whenyou are properly hydrated.

To give yourselfthe boost that comes with alkaline hydration you need to drink water that isalkaline and mineral rich.

By adding pH dropsyou can easily make alkaline water with a pH of 9+, whenever, and wherever youare, so you can always experience the abundant vitality that comes with properhydration!

Hydrate, alkaliseand live with health, vitality and alkalinity with pH Drops!

Acts as anantioxidant, neutralizing algaes, bacteria, yeasts, molds, parasites,exotoxins, and mycotoxins.

Is an oxygencatalyst, helping your blood absorb more oxygen from the water you drink. Thisis achieved as Optimizes the water by decreasing hydrogen ions and increasinghydroxyl ions.

Reduces dietaryacids in the stomach and small and large intestine

Protects thealkaline environment of the alimentary canal, especially the small intestineand the delicate intestinal villi.


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