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1. Initial ConsultationPrivate consultation with John Jezewski. This can take place in person at the Nottingham based clinic by arrangement or over the phone. The consultation requires the completion of a confidential questionnaire. John is available for treating any condition whether physical, mental emotional or spiritual.
2, Follow-up ConsultationA follow-up consultation with John Jezewski is available after an initial consultation has taken place. It usually lasts an hour and 15 minutes.
2. Acute ConsultationAn acute consultation consultation with John Jezewski is £30 per half hour.
(-20.00%)  300.00
2nd Year Practitioner Post diploma Certificate in Living Nutrition 2020 (Bromsgrove)

Post diploma (2nd Year) Certificate in Living Nutrition

The post-diploma course comprises of 5 days advanced tuition spread throughout the year and a retreat weekend. The retreats are designed for you to experience the new detox and other protocols e.g.gall-bladder and liver cleanse or paradite cleanse.

When qualified you will be issued with a certificate Postdiploma Certificate in Living Nutrition.


The fees for the 5 Sundays in Bromsgrove is £75 per day if you pay as you go or £335 if you pay it all in advance.


Please either call John to book aplace on 07909 992260 or book online:

3 DVD set plus £3 Postage
(-20.00%)  300.00
3rd Year Ace course in Living Nutrition (Bromsgrove) 20203rd Year Ace course in Living Nutrition (Bromsgrove) 2019
5 days spread throughout 2019 at £75 per day - save £75 by paying for the full 5 days - £300