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Prince Charles Opens Holistic Clinic

18 Dec 2017
Prince Charles Opens Holistic Clinic Prince Charles is supportive of people seeking out holistic care but he says he’s a personal fan. He’s put his  money where his mouth is: he’s created a state-of-the-art clinic that will offer free ‘holistic’ care for patients referred by NHS doctors.

Although he’s received criticism in the past for his support of complementary health therapies, he’s nonetheless won backing from the NHS and local authorities for the future "Health and Wellbeing Centre,” which plans to assist patients with issues ranging from from cancer to obesity. The Centre will be built in the grounds of Dumfries House, "a stately home in Ayrshire that the Prince saved for the nation a decade ago” 1 when the 7th Marquess of Bute put the mansion on the market for £45 million.

The center also plans to offer fitness and education programs and hoped to solidify the therapies that would be used after a conference on ‘integrated’ approaches to women’s health that was held at the mansion this fall

For the last ten years, Dumfries House has been run as a tourist attraction and community centre and will continue to do so. However, now the cost of running the service will be covered by the profits that Dumfries House makes as a tourist attraction. Patients who are referred to Dumfries House will not pay for the service and the NHS won’t be charged either. It’s honestly a win-win.

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