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2. Earthing Mat Cover

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2. Earthing Mat CoverYou need to purchase an earthing mat and then this earthing mat cover. This cover does not work by itself.
Earthing mat cloth cover woven with silver thread fro conductivity. (27" (68cm) x 10" (25 cm))
Mat covers will last as long as any quality cloth item. However care is needed to avoid harming the conductive silver.
Avoid lotions, creams or oils to the skin on parts of the body which will be in contact with the earthing mat. If your torso sweats at night wear a vest if your torso is in contact with the earthing cover.
When washing avoid fabric softeners, biological powders, bleaches, brighteners and oxidising agents.
Can tumble-dry up to 65 C (150 F). Wash using a non-additive powder or liquid as used for woolens or silks up to 60C.