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1. Seminar- Saturday 26 January 2019 - Hormones and Cancer Prevention (Leicester)

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1. Seminar- Saturday 26 January 2019 - Hormones and Cancer Prevention (Leicester)
 Hormones and Cancer Prevention

Seminar by John Jezewski, LCPHom, B.Sc Hons, MARH, DLNP

The charity Together Against Cancer will be hosting the event and preparing delicious food

Saturday 26th January 2019 from 10 am 5 pm


Venue : Together Against Cancer, Unit S1, Troon Way Business Centre, Leicester, LE4 9HA

ONLY £40 inc alkaline lunch if paid in advance


Gain mastery over your hormones and move from the suffering of innumerable hormone related issues to being symptom-free and beyond to feeling a new sense of enhanced well-being. For women we will cover many areas including skin/acne,hair, pmt, periods, weight-gain, menopause, fertility, libido, migraine and bones. For men we will cover hair-loss, prostate, performance, libido and testosterone. This will lead-on to a look at a comprehensive cancer-prevention programme! John will be using sustainable and all natural methods for regaining health using a dietary approach, tonic herbs and supplements.

A practical and fun day with lots of free samples, tests, tonics and life-enhancing rejuvenation elixirs.

John is an inspiring lecturer, Registered Homeopath and Living Nutrition Practitioner (since1992) and has treated hundreds of people since that time. He has developed a unique approach and is a specialist in living nutrition, alkaline health, chronic disease, weight loss, longevity, mental /emotional health and inspiring health coach. John runs seminars, is the principal of the College of Living Nutrition and runs residential longevity health retreats.
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26th and 27th January, 2019

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